Donate Food


Photo By: Suzy Hopkins

MLFP is designed to make it easy for people to donate food. Fill out MLFP participation sign-up form. You will be assigned to a Neighborhood Coordinator and that person will contact you and deliver a green bag. At that time the NC will let you know the next pickup date and give you his or her contact information. You will also receive an email reminder the week before the bag is scheduled to be picked up and delivered to A-TCAA.

Once you receive your bag, you may begin filling it with non-perishable food items, pet food, and toiletries. On the second Saturday of “even” months (February, April, June, August, October, December), your bag will be picked up and a replacement bag will be left along with a thank you card and tax credit receipt.

The MLFP is set up to give donors as much flexibility as possible. Some donors prefer to deliver their green bag to an alternative drop off site the week before we deliver to A-TCAA. Alternative drop off locations the week before we deliver to A-TCAA Food Bank in Jamestown include:

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