How it Works

How it works

  • Every two months, community members donate a bag of food. We make it simple by providing an empty bag and picking up a full one!

New members

  • When someone decides to participate, a local Neighborhood Coordinator (NC) provides them with a reusable green bag from the Mother Lode Food Project. We encourage donors to buy an extra non-perishable item each time they shop and store it in the bag until pick-up day.

Pick-up day

  • On pick-up day, donors leave their filled bags on their front porch if they’re in an “activated” neighborhood, or at one of our designated drop-off locations around Tuolumne county. NCs collect the bags and replace them with empty ones. The collected food is then delivered to the ATCAA Food Bank in Jamestown and other local Food Pantries.

That’s it!

  • After delivery, the food is sorted, weighed, and distributed. We send out reports to our donors so they can see the impact of their contributions.

When Is Pick-Up Day?

Pick-up day falls on the Monday of the week with the second Thursday in even-numbered months. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you via email!

How do I join? 

Email us at [email protected] to join our mailing list, or sign up at

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