How it Works

It’s a remarkably simple system, built around two main types of volunteers:

  1. Neighborhood Coordinators (NCs) agree to organize a small group of their friends and neighbors to become Food Donors. Their job generally takes a few hours a month.
  2. Food Donors are friends and neighbors who agree to give food every two months.

Neighborhood Coordinators (NCs)

  • An NC’s donor group can be any number of people.
  • NCs decide what constitutes their “neighborhood.” It can be in their neighborhood, a book club, quilt group, work site or church.

When a Neighbor Joins

  • The NC issues a reusable green Mother Lode Food Project bag to a donor and suggests they buy one extra nonperishable grocery item each week. The food can be stored in the bag until pickup day.
  • Then every two months, donors drop-off their bags at a specified site, which is picked up by NCs and brought to the ATCAA Food Bank in Jamestown.

When is Drop-Off Day?

  • Our official drop-off day, bear with us, is the Monday of the last week of the month with a Thursday in it, of each even month. Donations can then be delivered by NCs to ATCAA the immediately following Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8am-3pm. The Food Project is set up to give NCs as much flexibility as possible.

What happens on Drop-Off Day?

  • Each Food Donor drops off their bag at an official drop-off site, and can pick up a replacement bag and tax credit receipt. An NC may also pick up bags when the book club or other social club meets.
  • After all the food is delivered to ATCAA, it is sorted and weighed. All totals are sent out to food donors so they can see the impact of their efforts.
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