Who We Are

The Mother Lode Food Project began in Tuolumne County in April 2012. It was organized by two retired teachers, Sue Mundy and Ellen Beck, who wanted to give back to their community. Today it is run by Tristan and Anastasia Kaiser, and more than
200 Tuolumne County residents participate in helping hungry neighbors

ann_ellen Photo By: Rich Miller
The first delivery to the A-TCAA Food Bank weighed 1425 pounds.

Photo By: Rich Miller

The Food Project was inspired by the Ashland Food Project which was begun by a small group of friends who wanted to help fight hunger in their community. They recognized that people wanted to help, but did not always know how. They had three goals:

  1. To provide a regular supply of food to hungry neighbors throughout the year, not just at the holidays.
  2. To create new neighborhood connections and strengthen their community
  3. To serve as a model for other communities

The Mother Lode Food Project shares these goals and has worked hard to make a difference in our community—one bag at a time. Other communities throughout our country also share these goals and have begun neighborhood food projects, including neighboring Calaveras County, Paradise as well as communities in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Georgia and Alabama. All deliver food in green bags to local food banks on the second Saturday of the even months.

Participants in the Mother Lode Food Project represent the diversity of our community. In addition to individuals, service clubs, such as Kiwanis, AAUW and Omega Nu are donors, as well as churches such as Jamestown Methodist, the Unity Spiritual Center and St. Matthews Lutheran. Other donor groups include a local Buddhist sangha, the local Democratic Club and book clubs. Together we are helping our neighbors in need.

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