Who Gets the Food?

The ATCAA Food Bank distributes our donations to needy neighbors in Tuolumne County. Much of our food goes to single parent households and senior citizens whose social security checks no longer meet their financial needs. By helping those in need, we hope to build community awareness and unity.


ATCAA Food Bank distributes the food it receives through two main channels:
The first mode insures that the entire local area safety net is supplied,  To accomplish this we share 50% of or food (and a small portion of the operational expense) with 12+ other local non profit organizations.  These organizations are located in every area of our county and must pass our monitoring for safe food handling and for screening customers as eligible.
The second mode insures that geographically or demographically underserved populations are reached, as well as foods difficult to distribute are available to everyone in need in our county.  We accomplish this through our direct service programs which include:

  • Food For Kids (delivered weekly to low income children at participating schools)
  • Senior Distribution (delivered monthly at our Senior Center and to qualifying homebound seniors)
  • Produce Distribution (perishables are very difficult for our local pantries to supply in the quantities needed, so the majority of fresh produce, meat and dairy in Tuolumne County are delivered directly by ATCAA)
  • Government Commodities (Through the USDA…a document heavy food source, so ATCAA distributes these foods directly each month)
  • Holiday Food Baskets (The only county wide holiday food basket distribution…this program insures that families in need will have the makings of a holiday meal)

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